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Designed by our highly technical and experienced design team, our packaging division builds some of the industry's most sophisticated oilfield production and processing equipment while continuing to offer our suite of conventional pump, compression and power generation packages.

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Mechanical Services

Our services team is one of the most extensive and experienced teams in Western Canada, serving all major oil and gas producers and infrastructure companies.

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Our structures team is the leader in design and construction of structures for the energy industry, specializing in polyurethane panel buildings.

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We AreVortex

Established as CH4 Compression in 2003, and with the acquisitions of industry leaders Magna Machine Shop, Compact 2000 (Complete Package Technology 2000), and Shelter King Steel Buildings, Vortex Production has become one of the largest providers of equipment and services for the production and processing of oil and gas in Canada. Providing solutions through our Packaging, Service, and Structures divisions, Vortex has developed a reputation as a trusted and experienced supplier to most major oil and gas producers and infrastructure companies in Western Canada.

In 2020 Vortex became the Canadian distributor for Altronic LLC. This distribution agreement is new, however, Vortex has been supplying, installing, servicing and rebuilding Altronic components for over 15 years. They are a trusted source of knowledge and quality workmanship in regards to all Altronic products.

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