Meet the Vortex Altronic Team

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Meet the Vortex Altronic Team

In conjunction with our Altronic Distribution Agreement announcement February 3rd, 2020 Vortex would like to extend a huge welcome to William (Bill) Moore for joining our team!  Bill was previously with Altronic in a regional sales role and has joined our team as our Technical Manager of Altronic Products.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as connections that are rooted deep within the industry in North America and across the globe.  Please join us in welcoming Bill to the Vortex family, he can be reached at bmoore@vortexservices.ca .

Along with Bill our internal Altronic team will consist of Ken Osborne who has been instrumental in developing the Vortex/Altronic relationship over the last 2 plus years and will continue to be as we grow and promote the Altronic name across Canada.  In addition to Ken, leading the charge will be Steve Holt who is refocused so that the majority of his efforts will be on Altronic sales along with Bill. 

In the important roles of inventory management and procurement supporting the sales and business development efforts will be Blaine Brinson, Angela Harriott and Ken Bengert.  Their day to day roles of inventory control for our field services business will not be overshadowed by their contribution to the Altronic division and we feel this will be an extension of what they do today for that team already.

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