Altronic DE Product Line Comparison

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Altronic DE Product Line Comparison

Our partners at Altronic are continually preparing meaningful information bulletins as a means of supporting the new and on-going discussions with control panel customers, they have produced a side-by-side comparison of the DE control systems available from Altronic. https://vortexservices.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/DE-Product-Line-Comparison.pdf
You will note that this review includes the traditional DE-2500, both the standard and enhanced DE-3000 systems, and the latest DE-4000 system. This tool is designed to provide both a clear view of the consistent, high value approach taken in the development of the DE line as a whole, as well as a concise overview of the capabilities and feature set that is unique to the DE-4000. We hope that this is of assistance to you and to your customers.

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