Auxiliary Coolers

title iconScope of Work

An Innovative Way to Increase Runtime & Production

Increased Runtime = Increased Production = Increased $$$

The Auxiliary Cooling Package was developed Vortex in conjunction with customers and field staff to increase runtime and production.


Due to inadequate cooling capacity, compressor packages are shut down or turned down in higher ambient temperatures. This equates to runtime and production loss. With the additional cooling capacity of Vortex’s Auxiliary Cooling Package these compressors will run in hot weather to increase runtime and to help meet production targets.

title iconDesign Envelope

How It Works:

The Auxiliary Cooler is designed as a 1st stage Jacket Water Cooler (JWC) that can be run in series with or isolated from the main cooler as desired. The Auxiliary Cooler Package ties into the jacket water “OUT” line to the cooler. The jacket water is directed into the Auxiliary Cooler for initial cooling and discharges into the existing JWC for the final cooling. Be reducing the temperature of the jacket water through the Auxiliary Cooler the existing compressor JWC now has the capability to cool the jacket water sufficiently in the high ambient temperatures.

Benefits / Advantages
- Increased runtime and production gains
- Extra cooling capacity that can reduce temperatures by up to 50F
- Flexible spooling allows for installation on almost any package
- A compact footprint @ 8’6” x 5’6” for easy relocation or installation in restrictive locations
- Custom built to meet customer needs
- Extended life of package
- Low maintenance 15 HP electric or hydraulic motor
- Adjustable fan

title iconEquipment

Auxiliary Cooling Package includes:

Heat Exchanger:
- Two 48” x 56” engine Jacket Water Coolers
- Brazed aluminum bar and plate cooler
- Horizontal “bed” mounted coolers
- Rated at 45 psig at 450F

Fan Assembly:
- 5’D x 8.5’W x 4’H vertical discharge plenum
- Crowley 47” adjustable 16 blade fan
- Available with a 15hop electric motor or hydraulic drive
- Murphy VS-2E vibration switch
- Flex joints, 4” 150# flanged x 15” on cooler inlet and outlet

title iconSize

Designed for sub 300 hp engines

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