VETS (Vortex Emissions Target Sol...

title iconScope of Work

Assisting customers to meet their internal or government mandated emission targets with leading edge user friendly equipment.
Resulting in increased performance, lower emissions and the ability to earn carbon offset credits.

title iconDesign Envelope

Working with state of the art equipment to control air and fuel to an O2 set point achieves the most accurate and efficient running engine.
This system paired with our custom designed catalytic housing and element can achieve the 2028 emissions targets.

title iconEquipment

- Full Authority Fuel Valve
- Fully Automatic Air/Fuel Control
- Maintains Emissions Compliance even with Changes in Heating Value or Load
- Rich Burn or Lean Burn Control
- On Board Diagnostics and Optional Display
- Catalytic Converter Housing & Elements
* Easily integrated into existing panels
* AFR Control designed to operate with or without the catalytic converter installed

title iconSize

Our system can be installed on engines ranging from automotive natural gas engines (80 HP) up to and including large horsepower (2,250 HP) natural gas engines.

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