In-House & Mobile Machining

title iconScope of Work

Vortex has a fully certified machine shop in the Rocky Mountain House branch as well have the ability and equipment for mobile machining/torquing.

CUSTOM FABRICATION: shafts, bushings, pins from drawings or samples.
MODIFICATIONS: stuffing boxes, nozzle blocks, carbon bushings, governor adapters, and pump parts.
COLD PIPE CUTTING & BEVELING: safe and efficient, can handle all wall thicknesses in remote locations.
MACHINING & FACING: flanges and manways.
FLANGE TORQUING: heat exchangers, manways, flange-to-flange, flange-to-valve, even stud loading, and removal of stubborn nuts & studs.
HYDRAULIC / PNEUMATIC WRENCHING: compressor heads, hydraulic cylinder rod nuts, compressor piston rods, and large component mounting.

title iconDesign Envelope

C-1045, 4140
Shafting Bearing Bronze
Aluminum Bronze
Stainless Steel
Mechanical Tube

title iconEquipment

Specialized machining equipment for large, long, heavy duty repairs and fabrication.

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