Insulated Tanks

title iconScope of Work

• Supply & installation of polyurethane tank panels for oilfield and industrial tanks
• Production of wholesale panels
• Experienced crews available for installation
• Cut & fit panels around nozzle protrusions & man-ways; flash & seal as required.
• Tighten & secure panels with ¾” stainless steel banding.
• Use of all required safety equipment – scissor/man lifts, scaffolding, fall arrest equipment.

title iconDesign Envelope

• 1.5” (R12), 2” (R15), 3” (R20) panel thickness availability.
• Variety of finishes including Pre-Paint (variety of colors), Galvalume, Stucco-Embossed Aluminum.
• Kraft paper on the backside of panels; panels scored to allow a tight fit to the tank curvature.
• Panel lengths up to 13’-0”
• 2” lap built in (at customer’s request) to seal when stacking panels vertically.
• Custom flashings to seal panels seams; nozzle protrusions & tank man-ways.
• ¾” stainless steel banding to keep panels secured to the tank walls.

title iconEquipment

• Polyurethane foam tank panels to insulate & clad tanks/bins/vessels.

title iconSize

• Panels are 45” wide.
• Panels up to 13’-0” long; 2” overlap can be built in to accommodate stacking of panels vertically.
• Panels are able to be installed on any size of tank.

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