Stress Energy Transmitter Systems

title iconScope of Work

An essential early warning system that detects compression bearing failure.

User friendly solution that offers early detection of excessive bearing wear; vital to saving core housings.

title iconDesign Envelope

Working like ultrasound, the sensor listens for high frequency emissions given off when a bearing is in stress.

System hooks up to the existing main control panel for automatic shutdown when a set point is reached saving the compressor from damage.

title iconEquipment

- minimizes compressor damage
- can be mounted on any axis

- monitors vibration
- backlit LCD display shows engineering units and bar graph
- nonvolatile memory

title iconSize

- narrow bandwidth to minimize unwanted noise
(frequency 5Khz to 60Khz)
- 4-20mA output

- RS-485 Modbus RTU Protocol
- 24 Vdc power requirement
- low current draw (40mA @ 24 Vdc)

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