Safety At Vortex Is A Priority

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Safety At Vortex Is A Priority

Safety at Vortex is a priority and offering a solution that reduces the risks of our customer’s employees is something we are proud of.  Installing the VETS System not only meets the 2026 federal emissions targets and reduces fuel consumption upwards of 25% but has also received great feedback from HSE Managers.  Before the installation of a VETS system on a 7042 GSI, the unit was going down 4 to 5 times per week unexpectedly.  This resulted in multiple trips to site to investigate the issues and restart the unit.  Since installing a VETS System over 2 years ago, site visits required for the unit going down unexpectedly have been eliminated entirely.  This has eliminated late night callouts, additional miles logged on visits to site, and ultimately reduced risks to the operators logging these extra miles and unnecessary hours. 

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