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Brady Flett


Brady brings over forty years of progressive construction and oil field industry experience to Vortex.  Upon entering the work force Brady began his career in the construction industry, ultimately starting his own business, establishing himself as a premium home builder.  After several years in construction, Brady moved on to begin managing the development program for Jiro Oilfield Supply, a company that was ultimately sold to C.E. Franklin. Brady went on to establish Enhanced Recovery Systems where he, in collaboration with Jiro Manufacturing, developed natural gas applications for screw compression technologies.

Through a series of acquisitions, Enhanced Recovery Systems was ultimately acquired by Enerflex Systems, where Brady established himself as a senior leader until the fall of 2003. After working for a year as a consultant with Canadian Natural Resources, Brady joined CH4 Compression Services as President and General Manager. CH4 Compression Services ultimately merged with several companies including but not limited to Shelter King Steel Buildings along with Panel King (an Insulated Panel Manufacturer) to establish Strad Energy Services where Brady assumed a leadership role as Executive Vice-President for the Production Services Division. Brady was a key member of the executive team that ultimately brought the company public and played a key role in several major transactions for the company.

In 2012 Brady lead the employee buyout of the Production Services Division from Strad Energy, as President and CEO of its successor company, Vortex Production Services.

Brady is a passionate builder. When he is not building companies, he is active with family, friends, and colleagues building houses, decks, fences, gardens, or whatever needs to be built.

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